Friday, 29 March 2019

Happy Easter!

The children have enjoyed their final week of the term with a wonderful trip to Play Town in Essendine (photographs to follow shortly!). They have also been enjoying lots of Easter themed activities and used potatoes to print some super chick cards.

On our final afternoon the children enjoyed an end of term party outside in the quad. The spring sunshine, music and party food ensured everyone had a lovely time. The food was followed by some free play and dancing.

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Light and Dark

This week we looked at day and night and light and dark. In Read Write Inc. the children learnt the n sound and followed up their carpet sessions by making night time pictures using chalks or cutting and sticking nocturnal animal pictures. The children had lots of fun experimenting with the table top light boxes. They were able to change the colour and brightness using the buttons and enjoyed placing different coloured items on the panels to create different effects. The children also looked at shadows by spotting them in the quad and by using a lamp to cast shadows on to paper. The children used pens to draw around the shadows. 

Friday, 8 March 2019

Eat a Rainbow

As part of our topic Over the Rainbow the children have been looking at colours in the natural world. This week we looked at lots of different fruits. We passed them around the circle and discussed their colours as well as how they felt. The children talked about their likes and dislikes and we talked about the importance of healthy eating. Afterwards the children used special safety knives to cut up the fruit to make a fruit rainbow which we all shared at snack time.

Sandy fun in the sun

The sandpit has been very popular this week as the children have enjoyed extended outdoor play opportunities in the September sunshine. Som...