Friday, 19 October 2018


This week the children have being enjoying lots of autumn themed activities. The children particularly enjoyed dipping their hands in orange paint and using their fists to print pumpkins. When the paint dried the children added funny faces using a pen. 

During a circle time activity the children were invited to join in with a mark making game. They took it in turns to roll a dice and were encouraged to try and copy the autumnal images.

The children used leaf shaped sponges and different coloured paints to decorate hedgehogs. At Forest School the children used clay and sticks to make hedgehogs to take home.

The play trays have encouraged the children to explore natural objects. 

The children helped to mix orange and green icing which they used to decorate biscuits.

The children joined in with a shape making activity. Using large colourful shape templates to help them they positioned pumpkins seeds and conkers to make shapes on the carpet. The children were encouraged to work with a friend to develop sharing and turn taking.

Sandy fun in the sun

The sandpit has been very popular this week as the children have enjoyed extended outdoor play opportunities in the September sunshine. Som...